Are Vaporfi E Cigs Legit?

It is amusing to see individuals purchasing banned electronic cigarettes, which are manufactured without any quality control in third world countries, and are banned for sale in America for the health-related risks they pose. However, the same group of individuals would think many times before purchasing quality e-cigs manufactured in the USA. Then there is yet another group that questions whether Vaporfi e-cigs are banned? Vaporfi is one the most reputed manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and its accessories including batteries, chargers, and e-juices etc. E-cigs are not banned for sale in the USA, but the authorities have put certain regulations on the sale and use of those products, the details of which differ from state to state.
An example
For example, here are some of the laws pertaining to electronic cigarettes in the state of Texas.
• The manufacturer must put liquid nicotine, an accessory for e-cigs, in pilfering proof and child-resistant container.
• Sale of electronic cigarettes is prohibited to minors (those under the age of 18)
• There are specific rules for individuals making delivery of e-cigs. They have to register & comply with some reporting requirements
• Possession (not use) of e-cigs by minors is an offense unless they possess it in the presence of an adult guardian.
• Self-vending machines that sell e-cigs can be put only in areas inaccessible to minors.
There are certain other laws regarding where adults can vape e-cigs, but there is no ban on this product. Most smokers what to get rid of their habit of smoking cigarettes as they have started realizing the dangers cigarette smoke poses to their health as well as to the wellbeing of their family members. They can bypass this problem and enjoy their addiction to nicotine with the help of electronic cigarettes.
Vaporfi is costly
E-cigs by Vaporfi, are costlier than most other brands. However, this is justified considering the premium quality of their e-cigs and e-juices. In case you want to purchase this brand, but are put off by its prices, you can get special discounts with the help of coupon codes. Remember to search a couple of sites that offer those coupons, and bookmark those that offer the best Vaporfi coupon i.e.: working Vaporfi coupons. The best way is to note down a number of sites and use their coupon to purchase the Vaporfi products linked with them. If the code works during the checkout process, you can bookmark the site from where you obtained that coupon. Repeat this process with some other sites until you have a list of several of them.

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