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Having been in the business of manufacturing e-cigs since 2009, Volcano has now established itself as one of the leading brands of digital cigarettes manufactured in America. The company, revered by the vaping community because of their expertise in manufacturing durable, innovative, and quality e-cigs, accessories, also manufactures a wide range of e-juices in different nicotine strengths and flavors. Therefore, it is the brand you should choose if you plan to switch over to electronic cigarettes from classical ones. If you have any doubts about the quality of their product, you should try out their disposable model. This will allow you to get a feel for their products. You can rest assured that you will never opt for a different brand again.
Moving ahead
Once you are ready to take the plunge, try the Inferno Express, which is their starter’s kit. Meant for beginners, this particular model is extremely affordable. This sleek unit, available in five different colors, boasts of a 650mAh battery, stainless steel bands, and a metal tip. What makes this unit stand apart from starter kits manufactured by others is its pass through that allows users to continue vaping while charging the device. This unit also boasts of a 1.8Ohm replaceable heating coil. This model is costlier than cartridge type kits. However, this is advantageous as this increases the life of the device. Boasting of an easy fill and go tank, this model generates a generous quantity of vapor.
The company also offers a wide variety of accessories such as:
• Ceramic tweezers
• Aluminum drip tips
• 18650 batteries
• Battery chargers
• Needle tip bottle cap
• Charging adapters
• Battery cases
Their other starter kits include:
• Stick VB
• Q-Box
• Stick baby VB
Advanced users should check out featured box mods such as:
• Smok T-Priv
• Kanger Iken
• Revenger
• Battlestar
Some of their popular e-juices, available in 15ml and 30ml bottles, include:
• Chee Hoo
• Fresh Glazed
• Custadrop
Do not worry about flavors and nicotine strength as you have a huge range to select from at Volcano Cigs. Obviously, you have to pay a bit more for their products, considering their quality and the vaping experience they provide. However, you can avail of special discounts on those products with the help of coupon codes. For the latest discount offerings, search online for Volcano E Cig coupon 2018. Visit one of the sites provided by the search results, select a coupon of your choice, purchase the product related to the coupon, and apply the code printed on the coupon on the space provided during checkout, to avail of the discount.

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