Savings Offered At Direct Vapor

Your destiny lies in your hands… or more precisely between your fingertips… depending on whether it holds a traditional cigarette or one manufactured by a renowned local brand such as Direct Vapor. After reading regular articles about the health-related risks caused by cigarette smoke, many individuals are nowadays shifting their loyalty towards electronic cigarettes. They now know that the smoke of classical cigarettes contains hundreds of toxic chemical compounds, which, over time, cause respiratory ailments to them as well as to their loved ones. Some of these compounds are carcinogenic by nature and are the main cause of lung and throat cancer.
Myth about cigarette addiction busted
People believe that they cannot give up smoking, as they are addicted to its smoke. This is a myth, as they are, in reality, addicted to nicotine, a harmless and organic chemical compound found in cigarette smoke. As the fumes released by the e-cig contains water vapor and nicotine, it helps vapers satiate their addiction to nicotine, without exposing their lungs and windpipes to the other deadly chemicals that the traditional cigarette contains. In fact, even a large percentage of people, smoking e-cigs for the first time, declare that they are satisfied by its vapors. Therefore, do not delay any longer and start using e-cigs in lieu of standard cigarettes and prevent cigarette smoke-related ailments from occurring.
Selecting the correct brand
A brief online search will provide you with details of numerous brands of e-cigs. You should stay away from extremely cheap models as they do more harm than good. They are manufactured in third world countries, in factories that have no quality control in place. Many of these cigarettes explode when the user is puffing or charging them. You can avoid these risks by purchasing electronic cigarettes manufactured by Direct Vapor, arguably the best American brand e-cig.
Savings offered by Direct Vapor
When you first log in to the website of Direct Vapor, you will find an option to sign up for their newsletter. Completing this task provides you with a $10 credit and free shipping. You will also find additional offers. For example, you can save 10% by setting up your `first autoship.’ For additional discounts, use Direct Vapor coupon 2018, available at leading online portals that specialize in providing fresh and updated coupons, which allows you to purchase specific products from Direct Vapor, and receive a discount on it by pasting the code on the space provided at the checkout page, and clicking on the `apply button.’

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