Where To Find Promo Codes For Mattresses

In the past few years, mattresses have become so technologically advanced that there are now literally hundreds of companies that are Vying for your business to get you to try one of their products out. Back in the old days, there were only a few mattress makers who had the market locked up tight and charged practically anything they wanted (it wasn’t strange for some mattresses to cost as much as a good second-hand car) whilst making huge profits.

Things have changed especially with the advent of the Internet — consumers are a lot more price savvy and can shop practically anywhere in the world to get a good deal on a mattress. This wave of new companies understands this and actually promotes it — they have much fewer overheads than existing companies because in most instances they sell via the Internet and don’t have the traditional rental and overhead costs of a bricks and mortar mattress outlet.

As with most things of this nature, however, consumers often need some sort of reason to go with one brand over another. There can be all of the technical features in the world that make the logical mattress choice obvious. Price is often the leading differentiation though and this is where companies try and influence purchasing decisions.
Often this comes in the form of mattress coupon codes. These codes are generally for a certain percentage or fixed price of a mattress and can be in conjunction with a company’s newest product line, marketing push or seasonal offering. They are normally highly targeted towards certain demographics — for instance, there may be a 20% off code that appears in a housekeeping magazine targeted to professional women in their 30’s at Springtime.
There are a number of ways to keep abreast of these codes, however, which doesn’t necessarily have to involve you being in the right time, at the right place (as it sometimes seems that’s the only way you can get your hand on one of these codes).

A handy tip is to input search terms of the company in question — let’s say the fictitious company of Mattress-X into a search engine including the words Promo code. So “Mattress-X promo code”.

You would be surprised at the number of websites and people who will have already have seen a code and will have posted it somewhere, for you to use!
Cities are normally a prime advertising area for mattress companies as well. Billboards and especially public transport areas (like the London Tube or the Washington Metro) have been hosting adverts for mattress companies for years in the hope that busy, highly paid commuters will have their interest piqued and buy one of the products. Keep your eyes peeled!

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